I’m good or I’m well? What about she plays good or she plays well? I’m confused about when to use good and well. Well, here’s the simple answer: good is an adjective whereas well is generally used as an adverb, meaning I cook, I draw, I study English should all be followed by well. For the first example, even though we usually say, I’m good in English. I’m well is also correct when discussing your health. Let's practice. Which is the correct answer for these sentences? She is having a well/good time. He works well/good with others.Heath新竹房屋er Pfeiffer
  Good 和 Well買屋的區別
  表達“我很好”究竟是應該用“good”還是“well”呢?比如“那她演奏得很好”到底是用“good”還是“well”呢?何時使用good和well有時也會令我困惑。幸好有個簡單的解決方法: “good”是形容詞,而“well”通常是用作副詞,在表達我烹飪/畫畫/竹北買屋學習 英語等動作時後面應該用副詞well。例如:儘管我們通常會說,I’m good in English我的英語不錯。I’m well通常在討論健康狀況的時候把well放在be動詞的後面也是正確的。讓我們來練習一下吧。這些句子里哪一個是正確的呢?She is having a well/good time. He works well/good with others.
  正確答案:She is havmicroSDing a good(形容詞) time. He works well (副詞)with others.  (原標題:Good versus well)
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